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Male Breast Surgery

Male Breast Surgery: Overview

Enlarged breasts can make men feel self-conscious. Whether genetics is the reason, or you’re taking some medication, large breasts can prevent you from participating in social activities, or having romantic relationships.

However, male breast surgery is quite common these days, and Dr. Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery specializes in it. If you’re considering the procedure, but aren’t familiar with what it involves, we’ll tell you more.

Enlarged Male Breast Causes

Enlarged male breasts or gynecomastia is a condition that many boys experience during puberty. The leading cause is increased levels of oestrogen, which is considered a female hormone. Generally speaking, the size of the breasts becomes normal after puberty. However, some men might still experience the issue in adulthood. For that, male breast surgery is the best solution.

Due to ageing, some middle-aged men can also develop gynecomastia due to hormonal changes. Furthermore, some medications, such as antibiotics, heart medicines, anti-anxiety drugs, and AIDS treatments, can upset the hormonal levels. Finally, certain medical conditions or health issues can be the reason for enlarged breasts.

Surgery for Enlarged Male Breasts
Surgery for Enlarged Male Breasts

Surgery for Enlarged Male Breasts

Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery utilizes new technology for male breast surgery. They use Vaser, a liposuction technique which turns the fatty issue into liquid. It is then eliminated from the body with an aspirator. Note that this procedure is as non-invasive as possible.

In general, liposuction is performed under local anaesthetic, or sometimes general anaesthetic. A surgeon will make small incisions in your chest, and contour them to naturally suit your body. A trained professional like Dr Aoife Turner will make the smallest possible incisions to leave you with an unnoticeable scar.

Men with the severe condition might have to undergo tissue removal. This kind of procedure allows a surgeon to get rid of more skin, which can’t be done with liposuction. Both methods take from one to two hours and result in an overnight stay in hospital.

Recovery After Male Breast Surgery

Every patient’s condition is unique. For that reason, the recovery process will vary, and the healing will be different. If patients need liposuction, they can go back to their regular activities after a week. That means they can work and even exercise. However, these should be light activities, such as jogging, or basic workouts that don’t involve chest exertion.

If you need surgical removal of tissue, your recovery might take longer. Within two to four weeks, you’ll be able to get back to your routine. For more strenuous activities, you should wait at least six weeks.

During your recovery, you will feel sore and tender. Moreover, a loss of sensation is also common. This should disappear gradually over a couple of weeks. These symptoms might prevent you from driving, as you won’t be able to wear a seatbelt, so keep that in mind.

To ensure a successful recovery, you must follow your doctor’s orders. You might have to take some time off work to heal properly. If you’re experiencing complications after 24 hours, such as bleeding, swelling, or even the development of lumps, you should reach out to Dr. Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, so they can advise you further.

Maintaining New Condition

In general, male breast surgery is a way to get rid of excess fat and skin permanently. Once recovered, it’s up to you to maintain your new body shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. You must have a sensible diet and exercise regularly. This will prevent significant weight gain which might interfere with the results of the surgery.

Besides, make sure you check with the surgeon which medications can lead to a recurrence of the condition. If you follow the doctor’s orders and lead a healthy lifestyle, you won’t have to worry.

Support for Men with Enlarged Breasts

Although there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about, many men still feel ashamed of their enlarged breasts. They may isolate themselves from other people and become depressed. Gynecomastia can prevent them from having romantic relationships or participating in activities they love, like swimming, for instance.

Counselling with professionals and honest conversations with friends and family members is crucial. Moreover, you might be able to find a support group for men with the same condition. That way, you won’t feel alone, and you’ll get to share your experiences.

Feel Comfortable in Your Body

Whatever the reason, enlarged male breasts can dent a man’s self-confidence. However, male breast surgery and liposuction have advanced a lot in recent years, helping you get the chest you’ve always wanted and made you feel more comfortable in your own body. To make sure the procedure is successful, always work with a licensed team of experts, such as those at Dr. Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery. Are you ready to change your life for the better? Book a consultation today!

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